July 2016
News from Norway

Dear lovers of the wilds, fellows, friends!

Summer solstice is passed, and it is full summer, even in Nord-Østerdalen.
The sun is shining close to 19 hours per day, and only few patches of snow in the heights remind of a long winter. The forests have got lush green finally: The leaves of birch, aspen and alder trees are fully grown, so the shots of spruces and pine trees.



Hidden Life in Our Backyards

The birds’ concert has passed its peak and instead of songs more and more contact calls of our feathered friends and begging sounds of their fledged youngs fill the air.

A couple of weeks ago I heard a bird’s alarm call close to my sit spot in the woods, yet so far away, that I just could see the blackbird-sized bird fly up between the trees and settle again some meters higher. A second bird repeated the manoeuvre nearly at the same time and place, and joined into alarming. Naturally I was curious about what was going on there and sneaked closer – and there, on a tiny hill but still hidden between the blue- and lingonberry shrubs, I found this nest.

Nature experience in Norway: birds' nest (picture)

Meanwhile, the eggs have hatched, the youngs are fledged and the nest is abandoned. Since I discovered the nest, I perceive the powerfull, melodic and in spite of many repetitions very varied song of the male bird and the calls of his family up there in a very special way, standing out from all the other voices.

And I carry a question with me since that day: how many other birds may have nested right in the range of my ears? Throughout a normal day I notice the voices of not only that bird family, but of blackbirds, fieldfares, robins, flycatchers, chaffinches, bramblings, great and blue tits, bullfinches, warblers and some others, whom I haven’t identified yet. And most species are present with many voices. Roughly estimated, there are several dozens of adult pairs plus their youngs in my direct neighbourhood! How is it at your place? How many bird families do you know in your neighbourhood? And do you know the four-legged friends who have their dens right around the corner of your place?

Never is it easier to spend time at one’s favorite spot out in nature than in summer, or to stay outdoors for a longer period. Use the opportunity to get familiar with your feathered, fured or green neighbours!

I wish you good experiences out there and nice encounters!


Summer Programs

I’ll soon head out to guide the first of several group tours during summer. Those who already joined one of these tours know, that we had much more than good nature experiences: when we are in the keeping of a kind community, we are able to open up for each other, for ourselves and for nature, and actually take up the connections we so often miss in our daily lives.


Paddling Summer Norway: Canoeing Tour (picture)

NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experience
In July and in August there are the NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experiences, relaxed 11-day tours in the Sølensjøen Lake area, which also suits for kids (from 10 years up) and youth. There are planned six leisurely canoeing legs, and on three days in between one can explore back country and mountains around the lake or just take a time out to breathe. Naturally we have with us some fishing gear for all who want to try fishing in the pristine waters. The tour has prooved to be a highlight for animal encounters: mooses, cranes, beavers and terns – to mention just a few – got calmly observed in their natural environment. You find utterly information about the trips here:


Trekking Summer Norway: Wilderness Trekking (picture)

NORDIC NATURE Trekking Experience
At the change from August to September there will be the longtime classic NORDIC NATURE Nomadic Experience. A real trekking tour, where we cross a mountain ridge off-trail, explore a huge canyon and wade through a river on the most prominent tour legs. This tour can be tough in between, but still there is much space to relax and enjoy. And it’s always fun! In fact, this tour leads round my homeplace Tylldalen in a full circle, and no other area I’m more familiar with than this one. You can read the full description here:


News during Summer

During the summer month I won’t have any opportunity to write another newsletter. If you wish to get news from Wilderness Life during that time – I’ll probably post current events on my facebook page facebook.com/wildernesslife.no. ‘Like’ the page to get the news on your timeline. Share page and posts with others and help me to spread the message. Thank you for that!

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Enjoy the warm and sunny time of summer. Do yourself and others something good!

Kind regards from the sunny North


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