December 2018
News from Norway

Dear lovers of the wilds, fellows, friends!

Darkness has fallen onto the land, and snow is building up layer by layer on the hard-frozen ground. A red Mars is greeting from the evening sky, and Venus is brightly twinkling at us until late in the morning. As the stars shine out of the dark, so do the projects of the coming year. Here I would like to introduce you to proven classics, to changes and premieres.

The current topics:

Norway: Backcountry Skiing on traditional wooden skis (picture)

Winter 2019 – Triple Choice

This winter you can choose from three different offers. Each has its own character, but naturally we’ll use traditional wooden skis at all of them. I am happy to explain what the wooden skis are about and which offer might suit you best.

NORDIC WINTER Backcountry Skiing Experience
The classic of my winter programs. We lend my neighbour’s cozy mountain farm house, which is strategically located in a mountain saddle. From there we have varied tour options. Whether wind and clouds or the sun dominate, makes the decision to go on tour down into the woods or up to the plateaus and peaks. There is also an opportunity to stay a night out in the snow. The choices are many, and nothing a must. If you’re not familiar with skiing and Nordic winter, this tour will give you an easy start. And as an experienced person you will be able to make the most out of it, challenge yourself or just enjoy the exerience.

Dates in English can be set up on request. Read the full description here:

Get more impressions through a former participant’s account (text German, pictures international):

WINTER SURVIVAL CAMP Fire and Ice : Femundsmarka
A wilderness course in the remote Norwegian-Swedish borderland, where we explore different ways of winter survival. We live alternately in a cold camp in the forests and in self-made snow caves or igloos in the tundra. A mountain farm house serves as base camp and back up. This way we can keep challenges flexible. The course is designed for those who are keen on winter wilderness living and winter survival, who want to go one step further and dive deeper into the winter wilderness.

There is a bilingual English-German date fixed. Here is the full description:

BACKCOUNTRY SKI TREKKING TOUR Wild Reindeer Highland : Forollhogna
This tour is the most exclusive of my winter offers. It is only possible in a small seasonal time period. Therefore, I can not realize it every year. And because of the small shelters, I can take just four guests. This small group will be alone in the sheer endless tundra of the Forollhogna area, except for arctic foxes, wolverines and wild reindeer. The ski trekking does not follow a fixed route. For sure we move from cabin to cabin, as the snow and weather conditions allow. The tour is specifically designed for people with previous experience who are looking for an exceptional backcountry skiing and winter experience.

There is a bilingual English-German date fixed. Read the full description:

Skiing on Traditional Wooden Skis
Even those who have never tried skiing have at least an idea of downhill, touring or cross-country skiing. Over all these images, the origins of skiing have been forgotten. What’s special about skiing on wooden skis, I’ve described earlier. Read again here:

Nature Mentoring Following the Natural Cycle (picture)

Nature Mentoring – New Options

Nature mentoring is the key to bringing nature back into your life. During a whole year, you connect with nature at your home and get guidance in that from afar. Finally, I can offer flexible options for English-speakers.

Nature Mentoring combines directed nature experiences, independent nature studies and attentive process facilitation to an intensive personal development journey, which transforms your life.

Flexible options make it easy to fit the program into your everyday life. In the course of the program you can choose over and over again how far or how deep you want to go. I would like to invite you to join nature mentoring now. If you do the basics during winter, you can really get going by the flourishing life in spring.

Read the details in the full description:

Forest Camp Brother Bear in Sweden: Tracking, Animal Imitation and Wildlife Biology (picture)

Forest Camp – Focusing Brown Bears

The FOREST CAMP Brother Bear : Sweden has also got an upgrade. We now focus fully on tracking, animal imitation and the ecology of Scandinavian brown bears. Brown bears are absolutely fascinating animals. We’ll seek for the bear spirit intensively during this week.

The forest camp is located in the core of the Scandinavian brown bears’ habitat. It is a unique opportunity to get familiar with these extraordinary animals. To get to know about the challenges they face, their capabilities to deal with them, their life strategies. To understand the essence, the bear spirit, and to absorb it. What is it that we can learn from the bears?

Here is a summary of the week-long course:

A full description in English is coming soon!

Wilderness Survival Camp in Norway: Bushcraft and Survival techniques (picture)

Wilderness Survival Camp – Premiere

I’ve been working towards it for a long time, and finally this wilderness survival course is ready to launch! We’ll train on the practical and mental skills you need to survive and live in nature. Immerse into the wilderness for eight days and get wild.

I’m actually proud to finally offer you this course that concentrates everything I do. What you know as extras from the wilderness tours, or as specialized topics from the advanced courses, here the essentials are bundled. It is a training camp for beginners as for experienced wilderness folks.

Dates in English can be set up on request. Read the full description here:

Wilderness in Norway: Training Ground (picture)

War and Peace

Since a month calm has returned to the coasts, the far north and the mountains of Norway. It is not the most natural break life takes during winter I am talking about.

A month ago, the international forces that had been on manoeuvres here withdrew. The roaring of the tank platoons is still in my ears, the checkpoints on the roads and mock battles all over are vivid in my memory. It was an actual spectacle, but real enough to sympathize with all the people who are exposed to less friendly forces in their daily lives.

Violence leaves its mark in us, it affects (not only) our inner peace. This is obvious in brute force, but it also applies to more subtle forms and the mere threat of it. Even if we are not exposed to military conflicts, we often experience violence and lose our inner peace. Regaining it becomes a task. The wisdom of not only Native cultures tells us how important it is to constantly strive for inner peace and to spread it to the outer world.

The dark season is a good opportunity for inner tracking, to track our inner processes. Bringing them into balance can create inner peace. Nature connection helps us in doing so. In the darkness, at the turn of the light, we can renew our minds and bring about peace. The world is in dire need of it. Go ahead with it!

I wish you an interesting reading, a contemplative time, nice holidays, and a nature-connected new year 2019!

Kind regards from Norway


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Winter Camp in Norway (picture)

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