October 2017
News from Norway

Dear lovers of the wilds, fellows, friends!

An autumn storm has blown the leaves from the trees, and the play of colours has faded away. All of a sudden the flocks of migrating birds are gone, too, and with them their excited twittering. It’s a time of change, a time for looking back and reflect on what this summer had brought – and for looking ahead at what is coming up now. Here are the news from Wilderness Life:



Outlook – Program 2018

During summer, in between my fixed dates, I was already busy with making plans for next year, and I’ve made agreements with the many partners who are involved in getting all this going. Thanks to their help and cooperation I’m again able to present a nice program 2018!

All programs will again take place at times, when the seasonal conditions fit best for them.

In February, the NORDIC WINTER Backcountry Skiing Experience will mark the beginning of the skiing season. This tour is specially designed for people who want to get to know nordic winter and skiing on traditional wooden skis, or who just want to enjoy winter, snow and skiing.

Then, in March, the NORDIC WINTER WILDERNESS CAMP Fire and Ice : Femundsmarka will follow. Here, we’ll immerse more deeply into winter wilderness living, staying in both a cold camp and snow holes or igloos for a couple of nights each. Naturally we’ll use traditional wooden skis here, too.

Due to an early Easter, the BACKCOUNTRY SKI TREKKING TOUR Wild Reindeer Highland : Forollhogna will take place on request only. Some people are already interested in joining this 8-leg skiing tour in the subarctic tundra.

In spring, we’ll put up the FOREST CAMP Brother Bear : Sweden, right in the core of the Swedish bear country. Supported by the scientists of the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Center and through tracking their traces, we’ll study the lives of the brown bear, and reflect on our own lives.

In summer, there’ll be two dates of the NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experience, where canoeing legs on the crystal clear water of Lake Sølensjøen will alternate with day hiking tours to the surrounding mountains.

During the NORDIC NATURE Trekking Experience we’ll experience the transition to autumn. This 100 km tour leads in a big circle around my village and across surprisingly different landscapes. No piece of land I know better than this one. By the way, I’ll guide this tour for the 15th time next year!

Right now, I come back from the pilot project ‘Back to the Wild’. A camp, where nature connection, community and self experience are strongly woven into each other. Next year, I’ll run two of those events for my Dutch partners. They can be booked through backtothewild.nl.

Have an overview over the fixed dates 2018:

Kanuwandern-Wildnis-Norwegen (Bild)

Look back – Summer 2017

I could tell about so many things that happend during this summer. I could tell about the delights of canoeing and fishing, climbing mountain tops, silent walks, campfires, meeting moose, panoramic views and inner insights. But I’d like to give space to a fellow guest who has captured his view of the NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experience in a video. Watch the video:

Thank you so much, Benno, for this amazing video!

By the way, Benno is runing a retreat center and guest house in Vorarlberg, Austria. Perhaps you’re interested in that as well? Have a look: http://fibe.at: fibe.at


NATURE MENTORING Distance Services

Anniversary: NATURE MENTORING Distance Services

Exactly a year ago, I’ve launched my Distance Mentoring Services. The first mentees will shortly end their yearlong journey. I was allowed to facilitate their experience and to see them grow throughout it. What I can state already now: the concept works out.

The concept of the NATURE MENTORING Distance Services is to get you to know nature in your backyard and to train your wilderness skills independently, while you get supported intensively via e-mail throughout a whole year.

In eight steps you’ll lay a foundation for your nature connection, get to know several ways to get familiar with the different living beings and to connect with them in the way you are originally made for. Program tasks and exercises and nature itself keep challenges for you; it is up to you to decide, how far you want to go and grow…

There is no doubt, this journey requires a certain commitment, which can be difficult to keep up through a whole year. But pace and speed of stepping forward are flexible and you can adjust the process to the circumstances of your life.

I’m still working on a detailed description of these NATURE MENTORING Distance Services in English. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me directly.


Many Thanks and One Request

Many Thanks and One Request

I put a high value on keeping contact with you, and also to reach out to further people. As I aim to develop further programs which actually matter, Wilderness Life needs to get a broader audience. In March, therefore, I had asked you a favour. And today I have a good reason to say thank you!

Many of you have spread the word and recommended Wilderness Life and my newsletter to others. Thank you so much. As promised in March, I’ve made a donation to the Indigenous Environmental Network. This non-profit organization supports indigenous communities in protecting sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, health of both their people and all living things, and building economically sustainable communities. I’m glad for contributing to that with your help!

And because the campaign was so successful, I’d like to repeat it right away. For every new registration, I’ll again donate 80,- nok (about 10,- eur). So, ask your friends, family, colleagues and accquaintances, and forward this newsletter to them! Everybody who’s interested can sign up for the newsletter here:


As always, you find detailed information about program and profile of Wilderness Life on my website: wildernesslife.no

Have fun reading!

I wish you a quiet autumn, with a lot of nature connection!

Kind regards from a Norway


PS: I’m sorry for the speech mistakes you may have noticed: I’m not a native speaker and still in training.


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