September 2018
News from Norway

Dear lovers of the wilds, fellows, friends!

We’ve already experienced the first snowfalls and yet the forests are still in leaf, surprisingly long. The summer’s green has given way to flaming yellows and reds. Time to rest and look back on an active summer season, and, above all, to look forward to the coming year.

Today’s topics:

Wilderness Life: Wilderness Experiences in Norway (picture)

Outlook on 2019

The plans for next year are made, my partners and I stand ready for a winter and a summer program which again is set up more broadly than in the past. I’m working on further innovations, and I’d like to ask for your opinion about that!

Winter Tours und Courses

The NORDIC WINTER Skiing Experience will be the customary season opener. It is the ideal tour for those who want to get to know Nordic winter and skiing on traditional wooden skis, or just want to enjoy snow and skiing.

If you want to challenge yourself a bit more and immerse yourself deeper into the Nordic winter wilderness, the NORDIC WINTER WILDERNESS CAMP Fire and Ice : Femundsmarka is the right choice for you. Living in cold camp, snow cave and igloo is our focus her, and of course we use traditional skis again.

After last year’s break there is again a fixed date for the BACKCOUNTRY SKI TREKKING TOUR Wild Reindeer Highland : Forollhogna.
This long distance tour through the subarctic tundra is specially made for experienced skiers looking for deep and lasting ski and winter impressions.

FOREST CAMP Brother Bear : Sweden
In spring we return to the heartland of the Scandinavian brown bear population for this speciality course. With a revised concept, we now focus fully on the art of tracking and on the wildlife ecology of Scandinavian brown bears. Of course, we will again be supported by the researchers from the Scandinavian Bear Research Project. ‘Brother Bear’ will be held in German as communication language, but you’re welcome as an English speaker as well (translation can be provided, if agreed in advance). For detailed information in English please take contact. Additional information about the Scandinavian brown bears you find in the Newsletter-Archives.

Wilderness Immersion : Meldal

In the cooperation project ‘Back to the Wild’ nature connection, community experience and self-awareness are closely interwoven. I have just come back from the most recent date in this series, and next year there will be three new dates. So far, it has been reserved for men, but next summer there will be one date open to all. You can now find more detailed information about this on my website at BACK TO THE WILD Wilderness Immersion : Meldal.

Summer Tours
There will again be two dates for the NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experience, where we’ll paddle on the crystal clear waters of Lake Sølensjøen and go on day hikes in the surrounding pristine mountains. Both dates are a little earlier as usual this coming season, and I’m curious to see what atmospheric changes this will bring.

The NORDIC NATURE Trekking Experience, however, will take place a little later than usual, and I am looking forward to the fruits of autumn, which we then can surely enjoy.

This project has long been in my mind and now it starts to take concrete forms. It will be about practical wilderness skills, about mental abilities to connect with nature, and the whole thing will be embedded in a community living in the middle of the wilderness. You can see a first draft here: WILDERNESS CAMP Human – Nature. Things are still in progress and I would like to get to know your ideas for such an introductory wilderness course. So please write me your thoughts about it!

You find all fixed dates in 2019 here:

The Power of Nature: Vision Quest in Norway (picture)

The Power of Nature
– Interview with John P. Milton

John P. Milton is a pioneering ecologist and spiritual teacher, with decades of experience in his background. As their mentor, he recently gave an interview to my Back to the Wild partners, a conversation full of deep insights and a practical tip.

In his first vision quest over 70 years ago, John got to know the power of nature. He has spent his life studying the spiritual aspects of nature and, as an ecologist, also dealt with it scientifically. In the 1970s, he was the first ecologist on staff at the White House, working with the US President’s Council of Economic Advisors. John combines scientific-ecological thinking with the spiritual and emotional openness of a spiritual seeker.

Take the time to listen to these words of wisdom, reminding of the wind, coming from a far off place:

Wilderness Life: Canoeing and wilderness trekking tours in Norway (picture)

Review of Summer 2018

I still feel exhilarated by the manifold and profound impressions that both the Canoeing and Trekking Experieces have left in me. Here’s a review of a remarkable season.

There were two jubilees to be celebrated this summer: the canoeing tour took place for the 10th, and the wilderness trekking tour for the 15th time. Next year they both will run with the same vigour they are known for.

NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experience (July)
A long drought and low water levels. An amazing luxury to paddle on drinking-water nonetheless. Open fire instead was restricted, the dried vegetation like tinder, the elements out of balance. For us it was a sensational summer experience full of ease. And sensational our encounters with a herd of wild reindeer and two wolverines, an extremely rare sight…

NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experience (August)
The drought has ended, a mighty thunderstorm brought the change. Feeling powerless in storm and rain, and yet being safe was a very special experience. But also this: Caribbean feeling at a lonely beach and bathing in icy waters between steep rocks. Wild reindeer roving the open plains like the wind and majestic birds of prey sailing in the sky. Uncountable shooting stars on the night sky, a crackling campfire, and an incredible diverse group of people. Next year again at Lake Sølensjøen…

NORDIC NATURE Trekking Experience
For the 15th time I’ve hiked around my home place. A vivid group and splendid weather made it to a real high. Reaching panoramic mountain peaks and cooling down in pristine waters. Harvesting delicious mushrooms and sweet berries, gifts of the earth. Warming up at the campfire and in the community around it. I look gratefully back on this experience and forward to next time with joy.

Curious about what may come next year?

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I wish you a calm autumn season full of nature connection!

Kind regards from Norway


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