Imagine . . .

you are in the wilds. All your senses awake, you see and hear everything around you, your nose catches the scent of forest whilst a gentle breeze caresses your cheek and soft mosses cool your feet. You feel alive to the whispers of the unseen.

Keenly aware you move through the landscape with agility and ease. A part of nature, you belong here. Naturally you know how and where to find food, shelter, warmth and everything else you need to thrive.

Nature is your home. The place you share with close friends: animals, plants and all living beings.

Does that sound good to you? Do you want to experience this, and more? You have come to the right place then.

Welcome to the wilds –
and to Wilderness Life!

  • Wilderness Tours in Norway: Joint Wilderness Experiences (picture)


    Guided tours into the wilds – hiking, canoeing or backcountry-skiing – are a safe opportunity for personal wilderness experiences. Connective practices, embedded into the programs, deepen the experience and foster a connection with nature.
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  • Wilderness Courses in Norway and Sweden: Nature Connection (picture)


    Wilderness Camps are an unparalleled training ground to develop wilderness living skills and a natural mindset. Physically and mentally in touch with nature all day round, we enhance the web of our natural relations and promote our personal growth.
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  • Professional-Training in Norway's Wilderness (picture)


    These pages are under construction. You find basic information in English on these pages. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly for more detailed information. I’m looking forward to hear from you!
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  • Nature Experiences in Norway's Wilderness (picture)


    ” People are created for a life closely connected to nature; it is my mission to support individuals, groups and organisations in growing their connection to nature, self and community. ”
    – Thoralf Rumswinkel, Wilderness Life

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