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‘Future belongs to the nature smart’ – Richard Louv

No wonder that we long for more nature. We live cut off from the relationships that are vital to us humans. Nature Mentoring is the key to bringing nature back into our lives. It combines directed nature experiences, independent nature studies and attentive process facilitation to an intensive personal development journey, which transforms your life.

Recovering our natural connections strengthens our personalities. Happiness, vitality, attention, empathy, talent, appreciation, love, creativity – all these qualities begin to shine when we experience connection. By improving your connections you can bring your life into a new balance with yourself, with other people and the natural world. Your personal gifts become tangible, and you can bring them out into the world.

From afar, I guide you through independent nature experiences and nature studies which you do at your home. Through e-mail and phone, I facilitate you attentively in the journey that you are living through. Wherever you are in the mentoring process, I assist you on your way to a more nature-connected life – as an attentive instructor, questioner, listener and adviser.

This Nature Mentoring is designed as a one-year long journey, and it is flexible in terms of time. You can extend it if desired. It is divided into three stages, which you can also book separately, if the whole journey seems too extensive. When you have completed the mentoring year or something similar, I’d like to accompany you on your further journey with an individual follow-up mentoring.

The Secret of Nature Mentoring

Making nature connections on a wilderness trip or a nature seminar is not a difficult thing. But preserving those precious relationships in everyday life is a challenge for all of us. It is not a matter of time or of access to nature which causes the issue – the true reason is of other kind.

For more than 30 years, Jon Young and the 8 Shields Institute have been researching the question of how nature connection is built and passed on. They have found that people develop connection as much as their social group allows. Nature Mentoring relies on this insight: Mentor and mentee form a community in which nature connection receives the appreciation it needs to thrive – as you will do.

A place in nature, which you choose and visit again and again, is central to developing your natural connections. Versatile exercises guide you in this. Together we reflect your experiences. In re-experiencing, you can transform them, draw deeper lessons from them. It is up to you to determine the depth and pace of the journey.

Through Nature Mentoring, you get to know animals, plants, and other natural beings at your place and build vibrant relationships with them. These connections spread like a bridge across a gap. You reach out with your hand and your senses to them, and they enter your awareness in the form of your growing knowledge of nature. The more you train your senses, the deeper the knowledge you gain. The more intensively you engage with nature, the sharper your senses become, the further your awareness grows. Nature Mentoring uses this relation productively – we address both: your senses and your natural knowledge.

Nature Mentoring: Getting to know natural elements and species (picture)

Nature Mentoring – A Personal Growth Journey

This Nature Mentoring begins with an assessment of your previous nature connection. This will allow us both to get an idea of where you are standing, and to consciously embark on the journey at the point that suits your situation best.

Distributed in eight steps throughout the year, you get tasks and exercises to work and play with at your personal spot in nature, and in your everyday life, continuously and according to your possibilities. It is a double journey: on the Sensory Awareness Trail which trains your skills, and on the Nature Lore Trail that grows your knowledge.

The first three steps together form the Foundation Stage. Here you take up first connections and lay the basis for your natural connections. The Sensory Awareness Trail leads you to your personal spot, which will become your home in nature. You will reach out there with all your senses and include that world into your awareness. You will also get in touch with it through thanksgiving. The Nature Lore Trail will introduce you to your neighbors and relatives at your personal spot. You learn to avoid dangers and to seek what triggers your interest. You’ll get to know important allies, the trees, and above all, you’ll become familiar with an ancient, holistic cognitive method that goes far beyond your rational mind.

The Deepening Stage consists of three further steps. The focus here is on strengthening and intensifying the young connecting strands. The Sensory Awareness Trail trains all your senses through the special techniques of tracking, bird language and ‘earth knowledge’. These techniques allow you to step deeply into the natural webs of life and connect with them. At the same time, on the Nature Lore Trail, you get to know a number of animals, birds and plants that are important to you and your environment. As with good friends, you become highly familiar with their unique natures and specific moods.

The last two steps form the Integration Stage. They are about consolidating the web of connections you’ve developed step by step and integrating it permanently into your life. On the Sensory Awareness Trail you reflect the different aspects of your life, always in relation to their connections to the natural world and to the people. You also reflect on the individual steps of the Nature Mentoring journey. You weigh whether and how you want to develop all that beyond the mentoring year. On the Nature Lore Trail, you’ll encounter two other classes of beings. The key species that are of paramount importance to their ecosystem will show you to see yourself as part of a network. And ancestral wisdom species invite you to engage with them in a practical way as our ancestors did.

Nature Mentoring: Observing nature and naturalist studies (picture)

Nature Mentoring in Practice

Step by step, and about every six weeks, I send you a bundle of tasks by e-mail. These are the guidelines that lead you on both trails. Purposefully elaborated questionnaires help you to focus your attention on the important things.

Usually one time during each step, I contact you by e-mail to facilitate your learning journey. Of course, when you have questions or want to tell me something, I’ll always have an open ear and eye for it. When you think you’ve worked and played enough with a topic, you write down your experiences and send me your answers by e-mail.

Together with each new bundle of tasks, you will receive an individual, detailed feedback on the work you have submitted. Don’t expect correction and criticism. There is no right or wrong with nature connection, but many different, personal ways. My feedback shall help you to find your personal way by asking further questions, giving suggestions and another perspective. At the same time, personal topics can also be brought into focus. The decisive factor is always your individual journey, behind which tasks and schedule stand back.

Regularly, each of the three stages also includes a phone (skype) call, in which we can shed light on specific questions more intensively than it would be the case via e-mail. If necessary, we can arrange further calls at any time.

The year-long Nature Mentoring cycle concludes by summing up all the experiences, ‘wrapping the bundle’ that you can take along on your further journey, be it alone or in a follow-up mentoring. Having completed the full cycle, you will receive a certificate of completion.

This is included:

  • Nature Mentoring – Full Journey (12 months)

    • Task bundles for all eight steps, including questionnaires
    • Continuous process facilitation via e-mail
    • Written, individual and detailed feed back for each step (8x)
    • Mentoring calls (skype) for each stage (3x ca. 1 hour)
    • Start at any time on appointment
    • Certificate after completion of all eight steps
    • Price: 875,- €

    Please note: Written resources in English are not included. They need to be obtained from external providers.

  • Nature Mentoring – One Stage (4 months)

    • Task bundles for three steps (foundation or deepening stages) or two steps (integration stage), including questionnaires
    • Continuous process facilitation via e-mail
    • Written, individual and detailed feed back for each step (8x)
    • Mentoring call (skype, 1x ca. 1 hour)
    • Start at any time on appointment
    • Certificate after completion of all three stages / eight steps
    • Price: 345,- €

    Please note: Written resources in English are not included. They need to be obtained from external providers.

  • Extras

    • Nature Mentoring Extension (45,- €)
      per step completed later than 6 weeks after the end of the regular period
    • Additional mentoring call (45,- €)
      (skype, 1x ca. 1 hour)
    • Follow-up mentoring (price on appointment)
      after completion of the mentoring year or a similar program
  • Mentoring Profile

    You care about personal development and nature connection. You are ready to get involved in something new and to leave behind worn habits. ‘Dirt time’ out in nature, but also reflection and study time at the desk are part of the mentoring. You decide for yourself how much time you want to spend on it. By investing from two hours per week, good results can be achieved. Not the sheer duration, but the quality you put into this time is crucial to your progress. Program changes reserved.

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