HEAD Thoralf Rumswinkel

” People are created for a life closely connected to nature; it is my mission to support individuals, groups and organisations in growing their connection to nature, self and community. ” – Thoralf Rumswinkel, Wilderness Life

Founder and Head of Wilderness Life

Born and grown up at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, Thoralf lives in Nord-Østerdalen, Norway, amid extensive wilderness lands since many years. The rough Norwegian nature is his companion, teacher, challenger and healer in his everyday life. The wilderness gives him deep nature experiences and a strong connection. These gifts are ‘good medicine’ to him, a good everybody could benefit from. It is his aim to share these benefits, and to pass them on to others: to immerse into a fresh natural world, to connect with nature, to experience true community and to grow personally.

His knowledge has grown from many different trainings in the fields of wilderness guiding, outdoor training, nature connection and mentoring, from the teachings of nature itself and from his long experience. All this knowledge contributes to the wilderness tours and courses he leads and to all his activity as founder and head of Wilderness Life.

Thoralf Rumswinkel: Nature Experiences and Nature Connection (picture)


  • Ongoing Mentoring by Jon Young, 8 Shields Institute, Santa Cruz (CA), USA
  • Various courses by Jon Young about Nature Connection, Deep Nature Connection and the Art of Mentoring
  • Wilderness Immersions, Wild Moon Europe, Sweden, accordance with Teaching Drum Outdoor School, Three Lakes (WI), USA
  • Kamana Naturalist Training Program, Wilderness Awareness School, Duvall (WA), USA
  • Courses ‘friluftsliv sommer’ und ‘friluftsliv vinter’, by Nils Faarlund / Norges Høgfjellskole, Hemsedal, Norway
  • Training in experiential education, Outward Bound Academy, Schongau, Germany
  • Qualified Wilderness Guide, International Association of Wilderness Guides (IWV), Germany
  • Guide for nature- and activity-based tours
  • Kindergarten teacher, working in accordance to the ‘forest group method’, Norway
  • Instructor for activity-based class outings
  • Dipl.-Ing. (Arch.), Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
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