Nature Connection

Wilderness Camps are an unparalleled training ground to develop wilderness living skills and a natural mindset. Physically and mentally in touch with nature all day round, we enhance the web of our natural relations and promote our personal growth.

  • Wilderness courses in Norway: Nature Connection in a wilderness survival camp (picture)

    Human – Nature

    You want to experience real wilderness and deeply connect with nature and the pulse of life. In this wilderness survival camp you learn both the practical and mental skills you really need to survive and live in raw nature.
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  • Wildnerness courses in Norway: Wilderness Living in a Winter Camp (picture)

    Fire and Ice : Femundsmarka

    This wilderness course is all about winter survival, or better: wilderness living in Nordic winter conditions. We live in a cold camp under the open sky and in snow caves or igloos, which we dig or build by ourselves. In the Nordic Winter Wilderness Camp we learn to poke the ‘inner fire’ and to ally ourselves with the cold.
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  • Wilderness immersion: Self experience in Norway (picture)

    Wilderness Immersion : Meldal

    Back to the Wild is a journey into raw nature, a real wilderness immersion. No disturbance from WiFi, work or whatsapp. Nature guides us in the journey – when we catch something we eat fish, when it rains, we get wet. Nature may trigger new insights, provoke questions or even transform you. Find out for yourself which impact this will have on you.
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  • Wilderness training: Customized Wilderness courses in Norway (picture)

    Customized Wilderness Courses

    Natural navigation, lighting fire, expanding awareness, invisibility techniques, wild food, shelter building and much more: topics, course design, time and date can be customized following your individual wishes.
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