Wilderness Immersion : Meldal

Back to the Wild is a journey into raw nature, a real wilderness immersion. No disturbance from WiFi, work or whatsapp. Nature guides us in the journey – when we catch something we eat fish, when it rains, we get wet. Nature may trigger new insights, provoke questions or even transform you. Find out for yourself which impact this will have on you.

Wilderness Immersion

With a group of seekers we will go on a week long journey in the remote hills of Meldal, Sør-Trøndelag. We will sleep in the open air using tarps and gather part of the food ourselves. Facilitated by expert guidance, we will train on wilderness living skills and step into the rhythm of nature.

Back to the Wild: Wilderness Living Skills Training in Norway (picture)

There won’t be a fixed program, instead we will follow the natural flow. We bring a lot of options to facilitate your experience, your nature connection and personal growth. The week will culminate in a 24-hour solo quest in the wilderness outside the camp, the ultimate way to connect with both nature and yourself.

Back to the Wild: Solo Quest for Personal Development (picture)

During the week you decide what you do. You can go on an exploring adventure by yourself, or join a few others to go fishing. Whatever you do, you can be sure there is a supporting community, and somebody to share your experience with. We will for sure facilitate these reflective and connective processes as an important means for your personal growth.

Back to the Wild: Wilderness Immersion in Norway (picture)

Back to the Wild
Reconnect with nature, reconnect with yourself!

  • Dates

    • 21.sep – 28.sep 2019 (for men)
    • 23.may – 30.may 2020
    • 19.sep – 26.sep 2020
  • Price

    • 1.350,- € (personal and freelance)
    • 1.750,- € (business)

The event is a cooperation with a Dutch partner. Take contact for further information:


Back to the Wild: Primitive cooking on a campfire (picture)

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