Human – Nature

You want to experience real wilderness and deeply connect with nature and the pulse of life. In this wilderness survival camp you learn both the practical and mental skills you really need to survive and live in raw nature.

Wilderness Living and Survival

We build camp in the wilds and live immersed in pristine, wild nature. The wilds challenge us, from the very beginning: how to build camp and shelter; install a fireplace, gather firewood, make fire; assess and purify water; harvest wild food, catch fish and prepare it by simple means; use natural materials for bushcraft… This is a continous hands-on training.

Nature Connection

The wilds also call for further skills: how to navigate in a vast landscape, find all the vital things, deal with hazards etc. Therefore, we train our five (six, seven…) senses specifically. Tracking, bird language and how to keep a low profile are further course topics. We expand our awareness onto the land, immerse ourselves in it. Here we unfold our true, human nature. Safe solo times foster these processes.


The course is driven by the group’s community. As the group depends on the collaboration of every fellow, as can the group enhance each member’s experiences and learning processes. Facilitated talking circles and exchanges about the exercises further enhance the processes of growth.

Wilderness course: wilderness living skills - bushcraft (picture)


  • Topics

    Wilderness living skills

    • setting up a wilderness camp
    • shelter building
    • fire making (modern and ancestral)
    • assessing (and if necessary: purifying) water
    • simple bush craft techniques
    • gathering wild foods (incl. some fishing)
    • primitive cooking techniques

    Nature connection training

    • natural navigation
    • sensory training (all 5, 6, 7, … senses)
    • thanksgiving as a tool for deeper awareness
    • low profile locomotion
    • integration of connective techniques

    Complementary community culture

    • daily talking circles
    • facilitated debriefing sessions
    • course design based on the 8 shields model
  • Course Profile

    The course is designed for you who wants to learn hands-on wilderness living skills, expand your mental capabilities and deepen your connection with nature. The whole event takes place in a real wilderness environment where the participants run the camp in fellowship. Your active collaboration is required.

    The course fits for adults youth in company of adults. It is a perfect training ground for both beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts.

    It can be located at various wilderness places in Trøndelag, Hedmark and Värmland. It can take from three days to one or two weeks. Short and intensive, profound and healing, or relaxed and calm – form and content can be customized following your wishes.

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Wilderness course: wilderness living at a campfire (picture)

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