Wilderness Experiences

Guided wilderness tours in selected areas – hiking, canoeing and skiing – are a safe opportunity for personal wilderness experiences. Connective practices, embeded into the programs, deepen the experience and foster a connection with nature.

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  • WILDERNESS TOURS: Backcountry Ski Trekking in Norway (picture)

    Wild Reindeer Highland : Forollhogna

    Guided backcountry ski trekking tour in the vast highlands of Forollhogna National Park, the home of the wild reindeer. This Nordic winter adventure is all about skiing the original way, on traditional wooden skis, and meeting the outstanding Nordic winter world by fair means.
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Wilderness Tours
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  • WILDERNESS TOURS: Trekking in Norway

    Nomadic Experience

    11-day guided wilderness trekking tour through the forests and highlands of Nord-Østerdalen. Every day reveals new facets of a varied scenery, majestic panoramas down from the huge Mt. Tronfjell or deep insights into Norway’s largest canyon Jutulhogget. We share our meals around the campfire and sleep under a starry sky.
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  • Wilderness Tours: Canoeing in Norway

    Canoeing Experience

    11-day combined canoeing and hiking tour into the wilderness paradise of Rendalen with tents, fishing and campfire. Canoeing crystal clear waters, plus day hikes in a serene mountain scenery. Get connected to the wilds, and enjoy wilderness living at its best.
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  • WILDERNESS TOURS: Backcountry-Skiing in Norway (picture)

    Skiing Experience

    An 8 day backcountry-skiing tour in the magic winter scenery of Nord-Østerdalen. On traditional wooden skis we glide quietly through an untouched winter world, discover forests and mountains deep with snow. The nights we stay in a cosy farm house. Adventurous ones may spend a night outdoors around a campfire under a starry sky. We get back to nature and a simple life.
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  • WILDERNESS TOURS: Customised Nature Experiences (picture)

    Customised Nature Experiences

    Hiking, backcountry-skiing and canoeing tours specially customised for you. Discover the unknown and hidden treasures of the Røros region in the company of a lokally well known guide.
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