Wild Reindeer Highland : Forollhogna

Guided backcountry ski trekking tour in the vast highlands of Forollhogna National Park, the home of the wild reindeer. This Nordic winter adventure is all about skiing the original way, on traditional wooden skis, and meeting the outstanding Nordic winter world by fair means.

The Wild Reindeer Highlands

The Forollhogna highlands are one of Norway’s most remote regions to this day. A national park of the same name was founded to protect the remarkable wild reindeer flocks, which rove the untouched subarctic tundra freely. Inspite of the cold climate, the Norwegians call this land ‘the friendly mountains’ as the slopes are gentle and sheltered valleys always close by. The terrain is as ideal for backcountry ski trekking, as for exploring the Nordic wilderness in all its winter splendour.

backcountry ski trekking: Winter Adventure and Wilderness Experience (picture)

Ski Trekking in Norway’s Highlands

Our exclusive small tour group consists of at most five persons. For skiing we use traditional wooden skis, which take us close to the unique winter world in a very natural way. We leave our tracks with prudence on the land, and honour it this way. We navigate by natural signs and clues in the landscape. We keenly observe snow, wind and weather, and comply with the elemental forces, be they challenging or friendly.

Skiwandern im Rentier-Land Forollhogna (Bild)

On occasion we track wild reindeer, wolverine or arctic fox, and read the stories they left for us in the snow, to see how they master an arctic climate. In the vast expanse of snow and ice under an infinite sky our thinking mind calms down. Step by step we merge with the land and all its beings, and our connection to nature grows.

Backcountry Ski Trekking: Accomodation in a hunters' cabin (picture)

Hunters’ cabins

Isolated hunters’ cabins lay scattered over the land. Equiped with just everything necessary, they serve us perfectly as accomodation. Here we jointly prepare the food we bring with us. We enjoy our dinner in candle light and share the experiences and impressions of the day in the pleasant warmth of a crackling stove fire. On the night sky we can admire the course of the sparkling sky and maybe even the dance of polar lights. If necessary or desired, we can spend a night outside in a bivouac under a sky full of twinkling stars.

Skitrekking: Hüttenunterkunft in einer Jagdhütte (Bild)


The eleven-day backcountry ski trekking tour starts in the afternoon of the first day at Tolga railway station, a good four hours train journey north of Oslo. A short transfer takes us to a mountain lodge close to the national park village of Vingelen, where we stay two nights. There, we get aquainted with skiing on traditional wooden skis on a day trip in the surroundings. On the following day we set off to our grand tour of Forollhogna. For eight days we roam the highlands, moving from cabin to cabin. Sometimes we stay two nights at the same place, to make special activities possible like top tours, intensive animal tracking or a bivouac. At the end we turn back to Vingelen. The last night we spend in a summer farm house with electricity and a hot shower. The tour ends in the morning of the last day with a transfer back to Tolga. Start and end correspond with the trains from/to Oslo.

Rentier-Land Forollhogna (Bild)

Wild Reindeer Highland : Forollhogna

  • This is included:

    • Small group,min. 2 / max. 4 participants
    • Experienced local tour leader: Thoralf Rumswinkel
    • Special permit for the national park
    • Program as described
    • 9 overnight stays in hunters’ cabins (no electricity, no running water)
    • 1 overnight stay in a summer farm house (with electricity, hot running water, shower)
    • Bivouac (optional)
    • Transfers on arrival and departure
    • Set traditional wooden skis, poles and wax (You can bring own equipment, too.)
    • Part of the food
    • Bivouac equipment
    • First aid and security equipment


    Food package
    A complete food package can be booked in advance.

    • Additional costs: 1.075,- nok / 115,- €
  • Tour Profile

    The Backcountry Ski Trekking Tour fits for adults with previous skiing experience. The tour runs in unprepared, gentle terrain mostly above the treeline. The skiing legs are 10-20 km long wih an altitude difference up to 500 m. Backpack weight about 18 kg in the beginning.

    • 1 day ski tour without luggage
    • 8 skiing legs with backpack

    The tour is bilingual (English-German), we will translate in both directions whenever neccessary.
    The program can be subject to changes.


    • 23.mar – 2.apr 2020


    • 14.750,- nok / 1.575,- €

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Perfect Backcountry Skis: Traditional Wooden Skis (picture)

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