Canoeing Experience

11-day combined canoeing and hiking tour into the wilderness paradise of Rendalen with tents, fishing and campfire. Canoeing crystal clear waters, plus day hikes in a serene mountain scenery. Get connected to the wilds, and enjoy wilderness living at its best.

Canoeing Tour: Nature Experience (picture)

On the verge of the famous Femundsmarka wilderness area, there is the high rising Mt. Rendals Sølen, towering over the isolated Lake Sølensjøen. Lake and mountain form a unique pearl of a countryside, our tour destination.

In a series of canoeing legs we explore the lake’s hidden bays, idyllic islands and the calm tributary river Sølna. Day hikes lead us up to the surrounding mountains, where enchanted forests, vast highlands, clean tarns, panoramic views and a cathedral of cliffs are waiting for us. In leisury hours we offer special exercises to connect us even stronger to this extraordinary wilderness world. Who feels like fishing, may also try this in the lake’s rich fishing grounds.

Day Hike in Rendalen's wilderness paradise (picture)

Sheltered sandy beaches or nearby hillocks, wooded with gnarled old pine trees, invite us to pitch camp for a night. We conclude the bright summer evenings with sharing dinner and relaxing around the campfire.

Canoeing Tour: Grilling Fish at the Campfire (picture)

NORDIC SUMMER Canoeing Experience

  • Season: July – August
  • 6 canoeing legs on calm water (duration 3-5 hrs).
  • 3 one day hiking tours of your choice (easy/intermediate/challenging).
  • Average fitness and swimming skills required.
  • Max. 12 pax, suitable for adults, youth/children from 10 years up.

For detailed information about the tour contact me directly. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Wilderness Life organises guided wilderness trips. The hiking, canoeing and back-country-skiing tours are a safe opportunity for personal wilderness experiences. Some tours are suitable for families with children and youngsters. Customized tours are available.

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